Enter our house, where time runs slowly, at a pace which people seem to have already forgotten. Just few minutes from Kempten im Allgäu, in a central position in the area of Allgaeu, we are opening you the doors to a beautiful, stylish decorated house named Gästehaus Sonja.

We are offering
6 double rooms, where you can find luxury and elegance combined with feeling of warm comfort, the attentive friendliness of our service and truly relaxed atmosphere.

Generous hospitality, soothing peace and great comfort, give the guests during their stay a nice welcomed feeling.

You are also warmly welcome in our restaurant
Zum grünen Baum

OUR WATER IS REVITALIZED BY THE WELL-KNOWN ORIGINAL GRANDER-TECHNOLOGY. With the installed water revitalization by GRANDER, we would like to offer our guests harmony for the body and soul. The technology to revitalize water uses the ability of water to transmit information. Nothing is being added to or taken out of the water. Our personal experience with GRANDER technology is that the revitalized water: - has a better taste - feels softer - has a good effect on the skin - improves the well-being - can give food more freshness and taste